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Starbrite Daycare

Family / home daycare

Not available,
Indianapolis, 46237
Indiana, USA
Becky Reed
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Daycare in Indianapolis

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+1 Childcare provider: Becky Reed

I obtained services from this family / home daycare and I find that:

"My son attended Starbrite day care for approx 3 1/2 months. He was one of approx 7 children there. While Becky is a friendly person, I think she was overwhelmed with the number of children she was trying to care for by herself. I would've been more comfortable if she'd had a helper. An incident occurred where my son was injured and resulted in us leaving the daycare immediately. She either needs a helper or she needs to have less kids in the home."
Anonymous (76.240.223....), Dec 7th 2010
Daycare in Indianapolis

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