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Peg's Family Daycare

Family / home daycare

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Ontario, 91764
California, USA
Peggy Raymond
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+4 Childcare provider: Peggy Raymond

I obtained services from this family / home daycare and I find that:

"My son Nicholas started going to Peg's Family Daycare when he was just eight weeks old. He's now almost two!! Peggy and Randy treat him like a grandchild and have become part of our family. They have a beautiful home and backyard both safe and fun for the kids. Peggy and Randy are the sweetest, most outgoing people my husband and I have ever met. We feel truly blessed that we were able to find a home away from home for our son, while we worked. Nicholas talks about them day and night and looked forward to each new week. We recently had to leave Peggy and Randy because of a job relocation. This left our family completely heartbroken; however, we know this is not goodbye. If you are looking for childcare I strongly recommend Peg's Family Daycare!!"
Cynthia Skiff (97.93.33....), Jan 26th 2012
+1 Childcare provider: Peggy Raymond

I obtained services from this family / home daycare and I find that:

"I had my daughter in daycare at Peggy's and everytime I was on my way my daughter would complain that her stomach hurt and she would say how Peggy was mean and yelled at her. My daughter is 3 years old and does not have the comprehension to make up some story like this. Peggy kicked my daughter out of daycare because she wouldnt stop crying. She and her husband were rude to my grandfather every time he would drop or pick up my daughter. They never invited him into their home. Instead when he would come to the door they hurried to bring my daughter to him and were not very courteous. I would not recommend her to anyone. I am a teacher and the other teachers I work with said crying isnt a reason for someone to kick a child out of daycare. If they can't handle the crying then they chose the wrong profession. My daughter is suffering from separation anxiety, but even before she was suffering from this she has always complained about Peggy Raymond."
Anonymous (208.57.150....), Mar 23rd 2011
Provider's reply:

"We had this child in our daycare for over a year. She left because the family moved too far away to make the drive and wanted someone closer. During that year she was happy to be with us and her friends. She did perceive me to be "mean" when I disciplined her occasionally. This is necessary to teach her to get along with others and for her safety. She also got love and affection, fun, and education while with us. She always appeared to be happy here and always had fun with the other children. Grandpa came to pick her up everyday. Yes, we did meet him at the door, which we did because he appeared to struggle with the steps up to our door, (he is an older gentleman) so we brought the child out to him. We don't "invite" parents to sit down to visit during pick up time because that takes our time and attention away from the rest of the children in our care. We do take time to talk if there is something that needs to be discussed. We are always courteous and friendly, but don't have time to chat much when we have children to care for. So if she was so unhappy with us why did she ask to bring her daughter back to us. The crying started her first day back and continued for the two days she was with us.

This is the email she sent to us when she wanted to come back.

Hi Peggy and Randy, I never really thanked you for all your help with Brooke. Thank you so much! The thought of taking my child to another facility or having a person I am not very familiar with watch my daughter made me quiver with anxiety. I appreciate all that you have done and I am so happy to have Brooke come back to two people who are loyal, caring and loving. I definitely consider you guys family. I know we don't know each other perfectly but I am so thankful that I found childcare that is affordable and has two wonderful people taking care of my daughter while I am at work. I referred you to my friend Natosha. She is expecting and in the next couple of months I think she plans to go back to school and may need childcare for her daughter. If there is anyone else who is need of childcare, I will definitely refer them to you guys. Thanks again! Sincerely, Amanda Franklin

I agree crying is no reason to dismiss a child. The reason we asked her Mom to pick her up was she cried and screamed for the entire two days she was with us again. She wouldn't play, eat, or drink the whole time she was with us the second time. This is not healthy for her and upsetting to the other children that we care for. We told her Mother we were concerned with her health and why she was doing this, and could not have her here until the situation was resolved for the sake of the child and our other kids. I am sorry she felt it necessary to write this review, but we do hope for the best for her daughter."
+4 Childcare provider: Peggy Raymond

I obtained services from this family / home daycare and I find that:

"I love Peggy. She provides a home full of energy, love and compassion for children. She is empathetic to their needs, nurturing, and at the same time instills discipline and manners with them. She teaches letters, numbers, colors and shapes with the older kids. Her home is clean, she has a great back yard and is always aware of the kid's surroundings. I would not hesitate in recommending Peggy to anyone."
Edith (163.150.137....), Nov 3rd 2009
Daycare in Ontario

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