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Kids on the Go Daycare, Inc.

Family / home daycare

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Joliet, 60432
Illinois, USA
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+0 Childcare provider: Melissa

I obtained services from this family / home daycare and I find that:

"Awful service to her guests. When they want to take a family vacation, she will tell you to pick your child up early but not offer a reduced rate for your tuition for the inconvenience and early closing hours. When the family eats dinner during business hours she will put all her day care kids down in her basement unattended, to play with themselves and keep themselves occupied. There's all kinds of exercise equipment and items that are not meant for kids that they can get seriously hurt with. Occasionally has more kids to teacher ratio than what's allowed by DCFS. She has picture frames and other things that are breakable up in the house, and gets angry and wants to be reimbursed if something gets broken. WHAT?! Either you don't have these things out when you are watching a group of kids, or block the room off so they can't get in there. The business is child care. They're kids. That's what kids do. Absolutely do NOT recommend this business or even contacting this woman. Worst decision I've ever made when it comes to the care of my autistic son..."
Angry Parent (166.249.133....), May 27th 2011
Provider's reply:

"As stated in the contract, parents are responsible for any damage done by child. Obviously, things are going to get broke. I have opened my house to parents and their children for over 8 years and have only had a handful of items broken. In this case, the child was misbehaving and it resulted in a picture being broken. I ended up having a piece of glass that fit the frame and I did not charge the parent. In terms of my vacation, I give 4 weeks, if not more, notice of the time I was closing. This parent frequently picked up their child late, with no consideration to my family. According to DCFS, I am in no way required to feed the child dinner. If the parent picked up on time, like the contract stated, then my family would have had plently of time to eat before activities. The child was never left unattended. In fact, he had a snack at the dinner table with us."
Daycare in Joliet

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