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Tara's Toyland

Family / home daycare

Not available,
Plainfield, 60586
Illinois, USA
Nora Parkman
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Daycare in Plainfield

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+4 Childcare provider: Nora Parkman

I met with this family / home daycare and I find that:

"I have known Nora for many years. She provides excellent child care. She has a wonderful indoor set up and an outdoor playground that is beyond awesome. The children in her care enjoy coming there and often hate to leave at the end of the day. She provides a well rounded program for infants up to school agers where the children can learn and grow in a fun and educational environment. I would highly recommend her to any parent that is looking for a provider that is experienced, loves what she does and the children she cares for. Nora is certainly an expert in her field."
Miss Kim (75.164.201....), Sep 6th 2008
+4 Childcare provider: Nora Parkman

I met with this family / home daycare and I find that:

"I am a licensed childcare provider and I have been a substitute caregiver at Tara's Toyland on numerous occasions over the past few years. I absolutely love Nora's setup and I think she has a great daycare program. It is exceedingly obvious that she loves and adores all the children in her care! Her home is certainly NOT unsanitary by any stretch of the imagination, and I would quite-frankly be concerned if any home daycare passed a white-glove inspection (If a provider is dedicating that much time to cleaning, how much supervision and playtime are allotted to the children in her care??)
From speaking with Nora, I know that she has done hours of research on the sleep habits of children. From my own experience, most children are sleep-deprived and benefit greatly from proper nutrition and sleep habits. I know that Nora's sleep policy is that all children are allowed to sleep as long as they need to, there is almost never a reason to wake a sleeping child. If a child isn't receiving the proper rest at night, they need to make up for that during their daytime naps. If I lived closer to Nora and needed childcare, I wouldn't hesitate to leave my children with her."
Ellie (12.195.124....), Aug 27th 2008
+4 Childcare provider: Nora Parkman

I obtained services from this family / home daycare and I find that:

"My family and I are very happy with the care we have gotten from Nora. She makes each one of my girls feel like they are specail in their own way. Everytime I drop them off, I feel comfortable like I was leaving them with my own family members. I will recommend Nora for Child Care."
Jordan Family (99.151.143....), Aug 25th 2008
+4 Childcare provider: Nora Parkman

I obtained services from this family / home daycare and I find that:

"Nora was our daycare provider for 2.5 years, we (parents AND our kids)loved Nora and just as important, Nora loved our kids. They had fun at Nora's, they learned and they grew, both physically and mentally. Her themes are wonderful, her meals were healthy and there was very seldom a day that we didn't come home with some masterpiece to hang on the refridgerator. Nap time is a requirement(a welcomed one), but never a forced issue. The only reason we had to leave was because my new job hours wouldn't work with her schedule."
The Ellis Family (99.11.244....), Aug 24th 2008
Daycare in Plainfield

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