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Millie's Kids

Family / home daycare

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Edgewater, 80214
Colorado, USA
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+4 Childcare provider: Millie

I obtained services from this family / home daycare and I find that:

"My son (4 1/2) is an extremely shy and retiring child who has spent the majority of his life at home with mom or dad, who work opposite shifts. The need for just a couple days per week of childcare, coupled with his shyness, made transitions very difficult for him. He has found a home-away-from-home at Ms. Millie's, and the social skills he's learned there have made his interactions with other people and children so much easier for him. I'd recommend Millie's every day of the week; it's just like taking the kids to Grandma's!"
Lisa (70.91.171....), Oct 16th 2008
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