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ABC123 Preschool Town of Queen Creek Parks & Rec Dept.

Daycare center / preschool

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Queen Creek, 85242
Arizona, USA
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Daycare in Queen Creek

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+0 Childcare provider: Jody

I obtained services from this daycare center / preschool and I find that:

"This preschool is not state licensed, nor are the teachers, they are ignorant to state and federal laws including discrimination laws. They do not have training in CPR or First Aid as well and have no idea how to use an Epi-pen. My child was asked to leave their program after I brought his Epi-Pen to the school for his safety. They did not follow simple directions as far as his food allergies. He also came out of the classroom with a black eye and no explanation as to how he got it. With the help of the state we could of filed complaints and reentered our son into the program due to the fact that they violated my sons civil rights several times however we as his parents thought it would be best to keep him away from an establishment that would rather kick a child out of the program for having a legal disability (BTW- I was told he wasn't the first by the teacher) instead of educating themselves and having some compassion."
Anonymous (71.223.63....), Jul 25th 2013
+1 Childcare provider: Jody

I obtained services from this daycare center / preschool and I find that:

"Do not waste your time and money on an unqualified, uncertified babysitter who cannot provide a decent learning environment which is safe for your child. Several issues were brought to the attention of this "teacher" reference physically abusive children and none of those issues were resolved. Those same children were never removed. Please save your time and money on programs that are worth your child's future."
Jeff (174.26.217....), Apr 14th 2012
Daycare in Queen Creek

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